Enjoy Old Film Without a Projector

Film to Digital

Bring old memories back to life! Convert your old 8mm, Super 8, or 16mm films to digital formats. Preserve your vintage reels, protect your family archives, and discover a treasure trove of historical footage. Our expert digitization services will help you preserve your film legacy.

Standard Transfer

$0.35 per ft.

Includes basic editing and transferred to a digital file.

Premium Transfer

$0.45 per ft.

Includes cleaning of film, editing, color correction, and added music.

Digital Storage Options

Required in addition to transfer price

DVD copy


/DVD copy

  • -DVD holds up to 2 hours of footage (1000+ ft)
  • -Chapter markers between each reel
  • -DVD collection case
    Holding up to 10 DVDs
Most Popular
USB copy
Flash drive


/USB stick

  • -All your film reels on a single drive - Works on all computers and most Smart TVs
  • -Rename, and organize reels by date/events
  • -Unlimited storage upgrades for life - Come back with your drive and build a collection for no additional cost!
Film DVD
Personalized Film DVD


$18 per additional copy

  • -Complete DVD with personalized menu, reel selection screen, and chapter markers
  • -Personalized DVD case with family name, and screenshots from past memories!
  • -Custom printed DVD that looks like a film reel

Digital transfers must be put onto a DVD or Flashdrive, we do not offer digital download on video files at the moment. Our DVDs can only hold up to 2 hours of video, some projects may require an additional DVD for no added cost.

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Film Formats

Identifying Film Reels and Size


Compact, amateur film format for home movies.


Enhanced quality & colors, improved resolution compared to regular 8mm


Professional-grade film, larger format for filmmakers and broadcasts

Sound Film

Fairly uncommon, has a gold strip (only super 8 and 16mm)

film sizes

How it works

Getting started and what to expect

Gather Your Film Reels

Get all your reels in one place, decide which ones you want digitized. Check to see if reels smell like vinager, this will indicate whether the film has started to deteriorate or not. If you have a specific order you want to keep, create a label, and transfer into a safe bag, box, or container while transporting.

Drop Off - Visit Our Store

Stop by our main office in Westerville, Ohio. Or visit one of our drop off locations in the Ohio area. No appointment necessary!

At our main office one of our experts will greet you and create an accurate quote of services, and what will be the best transfer method for your film. Learn about our process and all the services we offer. Receive a final quote, no downpayment necessary, and we'll see you in 7-10 business days!

We Take Care of the Rest

Your film reels will be catalogued, and insprected. Each reel is labeled, spliced together, and preppared for transfer. Using professional transfer equipment and a cool LED bulb, we DO NOT record your film off a sheet using a projector, which may potentially burn your film. Our machine gives us an EXACT measurment of how many feet of film is transffered, that way you are only billed for what footage is actually there. The footage is returned onto your original reels and edited to remove any blank spaces, or perform touch ups. Your videos are then transferred onto a flash drive or DVD and quality checked. We will send you a call or text when it's ready for pick-up!

What You Get Back

You will revieve all your original film reels, each reel will have an indivdual sticker labeled with a number. On your flashdrive, you will see files (Reel_001.mp4) matching the film container labeled #1. For DVD copies there will be stickers on the DVD itself matching the film sticker. Premium DVDs will come with a reel selection menu. Video files come in .mp4 format, allowing play on all computers, laptops, Smart Tvs, and phones.

Enjoy Your Digital Memories

It’s time to celebrate! Your film is safely digitized. Pick up your digitized memories, and your old reels in store. Now here comes the fun part! Create a backup, easily share, enjoy and reminisce with the family. Once you've reviewed your digital videos, use your computer to right-click and rename the file to a desired title. (always keep a backup incase of data loss)

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What Makes Us the Best

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Local Business

Veteran-owned, woman-led, and locally operated small business in Ohio, delivering nothing short of exceptional personalized service. Never ship away your memories and irreplaceable home movies. Using a trusted local expert is the safest way to digitize home movies & photos.

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No Limits

Escape the limitations and fees of boxed packages. Experience our individual pricing and unlimited options. Trust us with your projects, as we prioritize safety by keeping everything in-house and eliminating shipping risks. Achieve more without compromise.

quick turnaround

Quick Turnaround

Avoid lengthy waits for your one-of-a-kind memories. Unlike other services that take months to return your projects, we prioritize efficiency. You can expect your items back in 7-10 business days or less, depending on our in-store volume.

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Handled with Care

With decades of experience, we are the original rock stars of archiving. We take immense pride in our work and treat every project as if it were our own. Passion and love go in to every aspect of our work, ensuring that your memories receive the utmost care and attention.

5-Star Digital Transfer Service

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proudly saving memories for over 20 years

Caleb L

Keepsake Solutions is great! I had three videos that I wanted to have converted to DVDs. The quality of the DVDs is exceptional, and I was impressed with the quick turnaround. The staff is extremely friendly, too. I highly recommend Keepsake Solutions!

Aaron D

They are an excellent company offering a great service. Top notch crew, knowledgeable and very caring. I came in with my parents wedding after my father passed. They were kind and took great care of it, preserving and making the memories accessible for years to come.

B Clark

Both visits so pleasant. I really trusted with my videos/pics with the staff. Happy with entire experience.. will recommend and return myself.

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