Photo Scanning

Film to Digital

We scan your printed photos using professional techniques that result in high-resolution digital files. Quality checks take place throughout the photo scanning process to ensure your memories are properly digitized for long-term use. Printed photos typically last about 80 years, however, digital files can live on forever!

Standard Scanning: Photos are scanned through a roller scanner at 300 DPI. Perfect for creating a collection of family memories.
Archival Scanning: Flatbed scanned at 600+ DPI, cropped, and color corrected. Perfect for restoring/reprinting old aging photos.

Quantity Standard (300 DPI) Archival (600+ DPI, Cropped, and Color Corrected)
1 to 20 $2.99ea. $3.99ea.
21-50 $2.49ea. $3.49ea.
51-100 $1.99ea. $2.99ea.
101-500 $0.99ea. $1.99ea.
500+ $0.49ea. $1.49ea.

Media Format Options

Required in addition to transfer price

print copy
Photo Prints


/4x6 Print

  • -5x7 - $2.99/print
  • -8x10 - $5.99/print
  • -Digital files will be stored on a complimentary Keepsake account
Most Popular
USB copy
Flash drive


/USB stick

  • -Save ALL your photos onto a single flash drive as .JPEGs
  • -Rename, and organize by date/events, then easily share with family
  • -Unlimited storage upgrades for life - Come back with your drive and build a collection for no additional cost!

Oversized Scans

Flatbed Scanned, 600-3600 DPI, Cropped, and Color Corrected

Up to 12x17


Larger than 12x17


We're here to assist you!
Handling sticky paper and meticulously arranged pages can be a bit tricky. To save on costs, consider converting your entire photo album into a digital version through full-page scanning, rather than dealing with individual photos. Also, please be aware that there's a $0.25 fee for removing photos from albums and an additional $0.25 fee for re-insertion if needed.

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Standard VS Archival Scanning

See the Difference

Archival Photo Scanning process involves scanning photos at a higher resolution. Our experts use color correction techniques to restore the vibrancy of your images, ensuring they look as vivid as the day they were taken. Additionally, our skilled team performs touch-ups and enhancements to eliminate imperfections and enhance overall quality, providing you with preserved photographs that will stand the test of time.


How it works

Getting started and what to expect

Collect Your Photos

Get all your photos together, and decide which ones you want digitized. It's important to start off with good organization, separating your photos into labeled bags based on the year or event can ensure that your files are arranged and organized in the desired order. We recommend sorting and being quick and decisive when choosing. Eliminate duplicate or similar shots of the same event. Toss prints with poor lighting, blurry focus, or insignificant subject matter. This way you can save money and curate a collection.

Drop Off - Visit Our Store

Stop by our main office in Westerville, Ohio. Or visit one of our drop off locations in the Ohio area. No appointment necessary!

At our main office one of our experts will greet you and create an accurate quote of services and what will be the best transfer method for your film. Learn about our process and all the services we offer. Receive a final quote and we'll see you in 7-10 business days!

We Take Care of the Rest

Your photos will be catalogued and preppared for transfer. Using professional scanning equipment your photos are digitized at a high resolution and saved as .JPEGs, suitable for viewing on any device or standard prints. Files are transferred onto a flashdrive or turned into new prints! We will send you a call or text when it's ready for pick-up!

What You Get Back

You will recive all your original photos back, organized bags will have a sticker labeled with a number. On your flashdrive, you will see a folder with Photo Bag #1 matching the bag labeled #1. Photos will be saved as JPEG files inside those folders (Smith_001.jpeg).

Enjoy Your Digital Memories

It’s time to celebrate! Your memorabilia is safely digitized. Pick up your digitized memories, and your old reels in store. Now here comes the fun part! Create a backup, easily share, enjoy and reminisce with the family. Once you've reviewed your digital videos, use your computer to right-click and rename the file to a desired title. (always keep a backup incase of data loss)

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What Makes Us the Best

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Local Business

Veteran-owned, woman-led, and locally operated small business in Ohio, delivering nothing short of exceptional personalized service. Never ship away your memories and irreplaceable home movies. Using a trusted local expert is the safest way to digitize home movies & photos.

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No Limits

Escape the limitations and fees of boxed packages. Experience our individual pricing and unlimited options. Trust us with your projects, as we prioritize safety by keeping everything in-house and eliminating shipping risks. Achieve more without compromise.

quick turnaround

Quick Turnaround

Avoid lengthy waits for your one-of-a-kind memories. Unlike other services that take months to return your projects, we prioritize efficiency. You can expect your items back in 7-10 business days or less, depending on our in-store volume.

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Handled with Care

With decades of experience, we are the original rock stars of archiving. We take immense pride in our work and treat every project as if it were our own. Passion and love go in to every aspect of our work, ensuring that your memories receive the utmost care and attention.

5-Star Digital Transfer Service

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proudly saving memories for over 20 years

Michael M

Excellent way to save my family photos from the past 30 years. Keepsake took any format I had, even old floppy disks! Great service! When I found more photos they were able to add them to my thumb drive collection too.

Patti T

Love your service!! Pics are Outstanding. Will be back soon.

Matthew H

They had my prints ready before the time they said and did a great job making copies of old photos.

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